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Borneol is one of the 200 aromatic terpenes that may appear in a particular example of the more than 6,000 strains of cannabis on the market. Like other terpenes, it is characterized by a strong medical efficacy. Borneol has been found to relieve pain, slow bacterial growth, reduce inflammation, and even inhibit fungal growth. In addition, it's an anti-oxidant, and even functions as an anticoagulant, meaning it helps prevent strokes. But that's not all.

Borneol: Aroma + medicine

Borneol has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Chinese doctors have employed it for millennia in acupuncture. Experimentation with borneol in western medicine was first conducted by Dr. Ralph Stockman at Edinburgh University in 1888.

Like all terpenes, one of Borneol’s primary functions is the conveyance of aroma. This special terpene carries an herbal, woody scent that is often described as resembling camphor or balsam.

The odor produced by all terpenes is an evolutionary defense on the part of the cannabis plant to protect it from predators and pests, most of which find it to be toxic or offensive (which is excellent, because it means more sun grown organic cannabis for the humans).

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