Natural Gum Rosin (Colophony/Pine resin)

It is a kind of natural resin,mainly composed of various kinds of resin acids, it can be dissolved easily in and has special chemical activity. So it is an important raw manufacture of paper, coating, inks, rubbers, soaps, electronic, food grade ester gum, rosin ester resins, etc.


Product Name Natural Gum Rosin (Colophony/Pine resin)
CAS No. 8050-09-7
Molecular Formula C20H30O2
Botanical source Cedar plants
Active ingredient contain α-β- pinenenot >90%
Relative density 0.85-0.87
Optical Rotation +10°-+35°
Extraction Type Distillation and Solvent Extraction
Properties Colorless to light yellow clear liquid,special smell with volatile
Specific rotation(20℃) 0.850-0.870
Refractive Index 1.4440—1.4770
Boilting Point 154-180°
Flash Point 32-46°
Solubility Soluble in the alcohol
Quality Standard Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010


Packing: 175kg/drum or as customer’s requirement.

Shelf Life: 24 months.


1. Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container and in ventilated area.

2. Kept away from moisture and strong sun light or high temperature.

Function and Application

It is an important raw material for the manufacture of adhesive, coating, inks, rubber, soaps, paper etc.

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