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About Us

Natural Is Essential To Life; Therefore, Make It Good.

Found in 2012, Tangreens® Natural Biotech. is a leading manufacturer of natural botanical extracts to pharmaceutical companies, flavor and fragrance industry, food chain, cosmetics, universities, biotech companies, healthcare industries, contract research organizations etc.

Tangreens® is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, overseas base in Rowland Heights, CA USA. Owning 3.5 million sq.m family private plantation and 15,000 sq.m ISO9001 and GMP approved factory in JiangXi, China. Annual output of natural borneol and camphor oil is over 100 tons and 40 tons.

Wide varety of Product

We building wide range of products including Natural Borneol, Camphor Oil, Camphor, Linalool Oil, Turpentine Oil, Turpentine and more under developing.

At Tangreens®, where we understand that high quality natural products with competitive pricing are the key to build time-honored brand. Getting our clients fullfillments on time with the help of our chemistry expertise and our economic manufacturing capabilities.

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What Actions We Take for Our Green Planet

Tangreens® is taking strong actions toward global and local environmental stewardship.

It's important to help care for our planet, and we would like to encourage and help others to do the same.

Below are steps that Tangreens® has taken in this initiative as well as future plans to be a greener company. Most of the effforts Tangreens® has made are first in the industry and we are leading the pack in green structured biotech companies.

Already Implemented

> First ccompany in our industry to provide free delivery within a 50 miles radius in a 100% electric vehicle.

> Install first solar panel to generate energy for parts factory office.

> Recycling program and donating proceeds to local non profit organization

> Installed high efficiency heating and air conditioning units at our factory base using programmed thermostats.

> LED and high efficiency lighting with motion controlled light switches throughot the factory base and warehouse to cobserve energy.

Planned In the Near Futhure

> Expansion to existing solar panels for assitional energy generation

> Support local community by supports free recycling cabinets.

What We Believe In

Life at Tangreens® is about being committed to integrity, accountability, fairness, transparency and innovation.

> Integrity:  We value the trust our customers, business partners and other stakeholders have placed in us. By being truthful, consistent and honest in everything we do, we honor this trust.

> Accountability:  We are accountable both internally to our team and externally to our stakeholders. Systems and processes help us ensure accountability at every step.

> Fairness:  We remain firmly committed to our rules and are guided by our ethics. This helps us make impartial decisions and treat all parties fairly.

> Transparency:  Being open in our dealings is integral to our work ethic. Whether it is interacting with farmers who grow our plants, vendors who supply us materials or customers who buy our products, we believe that transparency helps us make partners for life.

> Innovation:  Bringing ideas out of the lab and into the real world is the kind of innovation we pursue. It inspires us to extract more effective components from plants and develop more related natural products that go onto make life healthier and happier for people.

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